Baker - Gilford, New Hampshire

    1 Position(s)
    This is a paid position
    Housing is provided
    6 Months
    Starts: MAY 1ST, 2013
    Gilford, New Hampshire

Job Description:
Performing all duties necessary for the bakery store. Bakery position: We prefer a female for the bakery....seems to fit better! She must be a non-smoker! The baker should have a LOVE for baking from experience at home or from a position baking in a restaurant or store. When the baker first comes, she will be working as an assistant to another experienced baker and needs to be a good, fast learner with an organized approach to the job. In the first month she will learn to bake cookies, bars, pies and breads plus wrapping, slicing and displaying the items for the store. She will need to speak and READ English relatively well in order to communicate with the present baker, with customers that come to place orders and to read the recipes! The bakery at the farm is not overwhelming as we bake quite a number of items either from premade dough, or just from a frozen state. There are recipes to learn for bars, cookies, etc. but if the young lady loves baking she will learn very quickly. Over the summer months this bakers assistant will learn to bake on her own when the regular baker has days off or absences. There is room for growth and the assistant can become the lead baker. The owner is the one that teaches all the bakers - there is always someone around that can help or answer questions! Will also learn about food preservation.

Pre Requisites:
We are looking for an assistant to the baker and the deli manager. This person should have cooking / baking interest and experience if possible (or schooling) as that is all they will be doing. The position will include making salads from fresh ingredients, making sandwiches/smoothies/portioning/labeling/pricing for the deli. For the bakery it would include some basic baking, wrapping, labeling, displaying items in the retail store and then clean-up for the kitchen in general. 40+ hours per week. Starting pay of $7.50 per hour. Fast pace, organized, great English, NO smoking anywhere on the premises or in the housing. The position would be from May through October for 6 months. Looking for a young lady that LOVES BAKING more than anything else. They will learn fast. They must be organized and very energetic as it is fast pace in there. Also must be able to speak English well. Must know how to bake. Updated description: a baker with experience baking - what is irrelevant as long as the person is comfortable with recipes, ovens, measuring for sweet baking as well as bread baking. this position is for someone very comfortable in speaking English, reading English and dealing directly with customers.

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