Educational Farm - Sheffield, Massachusetts

    3 Position(s)
    This is a paid position
    Housing is not provided
    6 Months
    12 Months
    Starts: any time
    Sheffield, Massachusetts
Stipend: Seasonal Interns: $100/week (for interns staying 12+ weeks) Full-Year Apprentices: $10,400/year.

 Job Description:
Type of work to be done: All manner of farm work required: mucking, mulching, milking, mowing, herding, haying, harvesting, watering, weeding, weeding, seeding, feeding, fencing, foraging, planting, transplanting, picking, staking, raking, building, recording, studying, observing, reporting, etc., etc. There are always special projects and all projects are special. Hours and days will necessarily vary, likely 55+ hours/week. It is hard work, at a steady pace, outdoors, in the sun/rain, cold/heat, beautiful Berkshire weather. Ability and willingness to work alternately alone and with/or directing others is necessary.

Educational Opportunities: The Full-Year Apprenticeship is an educational program. Teaching/learning segments for specific areas of knowledge, techniques and skills are integral. Visits to the many other nearby organic farms are encouraged and can be arranged. Full-Year Apprenticeship: (3 positions) This is a good position for someone who wants a full, deep understanding of small, very varied modern homestead-like farming; someone interested in learning about, and participating in farm life and community building. Running the full year's cycle from planning to implementation, to harvest and back to planning, this is an intensive, in-depth, comprehensive program that results in a solid working knowledge of the many facets of a real farm: food production, CSA, community, marketing, organic techniques and farm life, science, philosophy, etc. An apprentice at MITP is required to learn and practice a broad range of skills and take responsibility for farm tasks. Program starts in winter (Nov.-Jan.). This Full-Year Apprenticeship is intended to give participants a strong introduction to the life of farming and the breadth of knowledge, and scope of tasks, the logistics and the challenges of that life. Applicants must demonstrate a strong commitment to the purpose of training themselves for a productive life of awareness and connection to nature through a real understanding of the source of their sustenance, food, and what it takes to produce and provide it for themselves and others. The very nature of farming is nurturing and is predicated on a functioning community. So a very strong part of the study and learning within this apprenticeship is centered on understanding and building of relationships and social structure (s): interdependent relationships that begin on the farm and extend around and outside the farm, on which the farm relies for its existence. Seasonal Internship (4 positions) WWOOFers (1-2 positions): For people who have a limited amount of time for an abbreviated version of our apprenticeship. Any amount of time is considered, though longer terms (3-6 months) will be given preference. Generally interns are accepted for the spring, summer, and fall months and stay in tents, Seasonal Internship applications accepted Jan. through Sept of current year.

Pre Requisites:
App Deadline: For short term Seasonal Internship, applications are taken Jan. through Sept. Full-Year Apprentice applications will be accepted starting July 1st to Jan. 1 or until positions are filled. Minimum Length of Stay: Seasonal Internship: 3 Month

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