Farmers Markets - Quincy, Florida

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    Quincy, Florida

Compensation: There will be a probationary period of 90 days to include the initial probation of 30 days. $100.00 per week would bring the pay to around $10.25 per hour based on a 40 hr work week and considering the cost of room and board. What we will do is start a new ranch hand at $100.00 per week and have a sit down job review with that person at the end of every month. Pay increases will be determined at that meeting. The probationary period is still 90 days. The 1st month we will have a bi-monthly job review so that we are on the same page right from the start. After 90 days, if you pass probation, you will be paid $200.00 per week.

Job Description:
The position involves all aspects of ranch life, to include all trade skills, we use the Parelli training method for handling our horses. Position also involves help with a commercial Organic CSA operation, about 80 per cent of time . We will provide room and board and monthly salary for the right person or couple. References required, no drugs, alcohol problems, only consider non-smokers. • Location: Quincy, Florida • Compensation: Monthly Salary and Room & Board ARRIVAL: as soon as possible. The internship is to learn practical knowledge of actually doing the work from the raw earth, soil supplementation, irrigation, planting, plant horticulture, recognizing plant problems and organic solutions, market projections, customer relations, animal husbandry, day to day farm operations and implementation of work needs, equipment operations, knowing how to use a hammer, screwdriver, saw, tape measure, common carpentry, basic plumbing, equipment maintenance, how to use basic tools and equipment such as riding lawn mower, weed eater, back pack sprayer, tractor, a shovel, hoe, rake, pocket knife. DRESS CODE: Our dress code is as follows: during the summer months, light weight clothing, shorts, t-shirt, work boots (mid-cut height) - not insulated, Rubber boots for morning chores, field hat to keep sun off you. Winter months are wrangler jeans and t-shirts, or long sleeve t-shirts (henleys) boots as the summer. Social wear would be cowboy attire, dress boots, nice hat, nice western shirt. Winter months you will need a coat for working outside and another coat for winter social wear. LOCAL WEBSITE:,_Florida

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